Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Plague of Frogs (Stickers!)

This is my first post on this blog! I also have photo, book, and urban planning blogs :) I thought it would be fun to kick things off with Domestically Divine Tuesday over at "Far Above Rubies" AND with Tackle it Tuesday over at 5minutesformom! My poor daughter has had these big frog stickers on her bedroom windows since we moved in! There are four of them (one in the pic) and they are mascots of some radio station or other. I read that WD 40 does the trick. So, I am experimenting with it "on the air." (so to speak!)
I dowsed them with WD40 and waited awhile. Then I tried to slip them off with a plastic scraper. Nope! That was too optimistic! I grabbed a metal butter knife (I don't have a metal paint scraper). And, parts of the stickers came off somewhat easily. (See photos.) Then, I applied MORE WD40!
And, I am waiting again...fooling around on the computer...OK, I will unload the dishwasher...scrape a little....then fold some laundry...and scrape a little...and spray a little...
And, there is progress...work on an urban planning project for awhile and let the WD40 marinate...
Makin' progress, Folks! Its all about the baby steps! The windows are getting done...dishes and laundry are under control. My work project is progressing. BRB...gotta go scrape!
Success! See? On the other hand, there is frog carnage everywhere! For the first time in my life, I have frog chunks in my hair - EEWWW! :) (I also had to wash the windows because of the oil!) Anyway, once I get all THAT cleaned up, I will have completed my first Tackle It Tuesday!!

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